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A music school devoted to joyful, servant-hearted musicianship in Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, and beyond.  Piano, Violin, Guitar, Voice, Cello, and Flute Lessons. 


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How can I encourage my child to practice? – Part 1

Justin Jacobson

How can I encourage my child to practice? – Part 1

Does your child listen to music? What we dream of today we will be tomorrow.

 Justin Jacobson (Owner/Founder): “When I was nine years old, I started going through my parents’ old cassettes (yes, cassettes!) and picking out the ones I most preferred.  Mom and Dad made sure I had a boombox (yes, a boombox) of my own so I could listen.  That was it.  Piano lessons was their idea, but listening to music and loving it was mine.  I never turned back.  Listening to music and wanting to be like the musicians I was listening to was probably one of the greatest single motivators for me. 

Have you provided a way for your child to listen to music on his own? Do you listen?  Does your child know that?  We are busy these days… but have you ever sat down and actively listened to an album or a song with your child?  Have you ever danced to a song with them?  Who is introducing your child to music, you or her friends? Do you know what your child has on his iPod touch? Have you ever taken him to a live concert?  There is so much joy to be had out there, with a little investment of time.”