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413 N. Main St. #5
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A music school devoted to joyful, servant-hearted musicianship in Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, and beyond.  Piano, Violin, Guitar, Voice, Cello, and Flute Lessons. 



Our story, our philosophy, our dream...

Our Story


I still remember where we were when we came up with the name "Bellas Artes." It was on one of our evening walks, when we would dream about the future together. When Victoria and I got married in 2009, we had no idea we would be given the opportunity to work alongside each other.  

We opened our doors in August 2009 with about 30 students enrolled. Now, seven years later, we are humbled to have 16 other amazing musicians teaching alongside us and over 250 students coming through our doors every week!

Our Philosophy

We believe that learning to play music is not just about acquiring the mastery of an instrument but about enlarging the soul to see beauty and cultivating a virtue and depth of character commensurate with that beauty. This is a journey that we embarked upon when we were children, because someone believed in us and gave us an opportunity. And so now in turn, we absolutely love the fact that we are getting to invite others to join us as well in this pilgrimage. Because we view teaching as mentorship, not simply the transferral of information, we place high priority on relationship with our students and their families. We believe in our students and take great joy in seeing them discover that they can do things they never knew they could do before.

Our Dream


We haven't stopped dreaming! We still go on walks together, now with four little girls in tow! And on those walks, we often find ourselves talking about how we can make music lessons like these available to children who normally don't have access to such privileges like these, due to financial and other constraints. We hope and pray Bellas Artes may one day provide such a service in our community.